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That is no doubt, me, in layman terms. 

Here’s to the followers that i have suddenly gotten so many tonight (was it because of that SJM ideal type post? ;A;) and to those i haven’t properly thanked when they followed. :) Precious hyuk for you ~

Also i have exams starting tomorrow, to next week, wish me luck people ~ :)

Under the cut because i have so much to blabber, click at your own risk, contains foolish blabberings you may not want to see. 

I have been so bad with interpreting people and i have been so foolish to not realize my best friend has been so unhappy with me, she knows i am a insensitive person at times and i have been trying so hard to spare a thought for her feelings all the time. 

It has been tiring because it is not me to be so careful with everything, but i’m trying, it’s not up to me to say if i have really tried hard enough but i really did ;A; 

But this time i am losing it, she didn’t come to me when she’s upset with something i did, and approached another friend and it gets so often she has been sparing so little time for me, and it has to be through somebody else then i know what is wrong, i know, i’m being stupid about this issue, but all she needs to do is to approach me and we could work this out but she, didn’t. 

But i can’t approach her now she has been avoiding me and everything is just messed up and and and i am so afraid of losing a friend like her ;______;